Blend Retreat 2015 Recap

Blend 2015 came and went in a flash! The hosts did an amazing job, Lindsay was there to greet me when I arrived, amazed at the location. When I arrived, Lindsay handed me the most amazing swag, complete with yoga mat and yoga pants, courtesy of Soybu.  At the end, I had a huge Quest bag and […]

Happy New Year 2015!

  Happy New Year All! It’s been quite a year for me, having moved back from the UK after 12 years. It has been quite an adjustment, and I have just moved again. I am settled a bit more now, in a house with a better kitchen than the apartment we moved from, and I […]

Chicken Soup Recipe

There is something about soup that I equate with cooler temperatures or not feeling well. I recently had a need for some comfort food, and I decided to whip up a batch of chicken soup. You can make this with or without noodles. I tend to make it without, and just add them, if I […]

Foodie Pen pal Reveal September 2014

Foodie Pen pals

I have finally gotten back into the Foodie Pen pals program, this time in the US. It is run a bit differently than the European version, but it is basically the same premise, where you are paired with another foodie, and after finding out their likes and dislikes, you send them a food parcel. If you […]

A new start in Denver

It has been awhile, I know. I recently received the renewal notice for my website and had a big decision to make. Do I renew or let it lapse and disappear from the blogosphere? I realized that I did miss blogging, but it was the regular 3 times a week that I did not miss. […]

Slow cooker cashew chicken

Fall is well and truly here now, rainy, shorter days, and it has started to turn chilly. I have finally had to retire my fleece and get my coats out. As the weather has changed and I am incredibly busy at work and home, I have very little spare time at the moment to create […]

Blueberry & hazelnut baked oatmeal

It has been quite a long week. I have not been active on the blog as I have been busy working and studying. I had Monday set aside for a post but due to the bad weather, we had no power. No trains, no electric, no internet, no heat. However did we manage before constant […]

Feta & quinoa patties with hazelnut labneh

I have craved quinoa lately. Odd as it might sound and easy as it is to make, there is no reason not to have it more often. It is grain like but not a grain, and a great protein rich substitute for rice and other grains. When I make it, I like to make extra […]

Back to basics – homemade beef stock

I am still in the process of clearing out my second freezer and in using up various “mystery” meals (hmm is that chilli or stew), I came across these beauties. I have gotten some beef bones from the butcher a while back to make beef stock and he gave me these. I like to roast […]

Pumpkin spice creamer

In the UK, there is something called Elevenses. It is usually a sweet snack like biscuits/cookies, and a cup of tea – and named for the time of day it is eaten. Usually when I am in the office, elevenses is just a run out to get a coffee that I drink at my desk, […]