Where did the weekend go?

Well the weekend whizzed by in a nano second, after waiting all week patiently for it to arrive.

I have been stuck in a rut food wise lately, resorting to the same things.  Most often, my bowl of roasted kale, coconut and chicken. It’s easy, quick and healthy. I have had a massive craving for roast chicken and have to make one every week.

Roasted coconut, kale and chicken

The weekend was spent outside as the weather was gorgeous. It is that perfect weather that is sunny and warmish during the day and cool at night like mid fall in D.C.

My running has suffered quite a bit lately and biking has taken over. Not sure why, but I have just enjoyed it more. I still have to be ready for the 10K in October, so I do need to get motivated to run more regularly.

I also need to get my act in gear with a more varied diet. I have cut back on the nut butter due to a lack of weight loss and less running and have splurged on veggies. I have a lovely butternut squash to turn into “something”, loads of fresh spinach, carrots and peppers. Also, my spaghetti squash is a week away from being ready. Woohoo! I can’t wait.

Nuun tablets

I have found a great item to add to my water to keep me hydrated that I found on Stuft Mama’s websiteNuun hydration tablets. Stuft Mama had recommended lemon iced tea which I started out with, and then found a really good deal on a 4 pack of fruity flavors on Amazon so I picked them up. So far the lemon iced tea, strawberry lemonade and grape rock! I will try the others soon. The flavors are really light unlike my grape gatorade G2 powder which is delish, but really strong grape flavor, sometimes it is nice just to have a subtle flavor, and they are light enough that they don’t make my camelbak forever smell of that flavor. 🙂 Now when I go out for a longer run, I take pop in 1/2 a tablet into my wrist water bottle and I am good for the run. (note: this is my own opinion on a product I bought myself, it wasn’t a freebie)

Burnham Week outside The Royal Burnham Yacht Club

One of the great things about the town that I live in is that we are right near the water. Burnham is a well known yachting area (Princess Anne has sailed here numerous times) and last week was Burnham week which entails a week long of racing various classes of boats. This shot was from outside one of our yacht clubs and the club was setting up a champagne party for their return. Nice!

I will miss how beautiful Burham is when we move back to the US, so I like to savor all that Burnham has to offer when I can.

I am working on some new recipes at the moment that include pumpkin, but have had a few disasters (picture cookies with the consistency of rocks) so I will hold off until my baking cannot be used as a weapon. I am off to Paris for a week soon so will have my eyes peeled for new ingredients as we have an apartment for the week. I am SO SO psyched! I will be hitting all the markets to get some cool items for my foodie penpal as well. I also can’t wait to try the rotisserie chicken cooking over potatoes at the market in the Bastille area.

Now don’t tell me that doesn’t look darn good. I will take photos of loads of good stuff while I am there for posterity, as when we move back to the US and go from 5 weeks vacation to 2, we won’t have much time to leave the country!


Roasted chicken from the Bastille market in Paris

On that note, I will leave you with dreams of lovely roasted chicken over crispy potatoes, and a huge green salad. MMMMM

Did I mention how much I love roast chicken?

Have a good one!

x Steph