Totally switched off

Oops, meant to post this BEFORE I left for Paris, but just the same I will post it, and move on to what I did in Paris in the next post!

Steph MTB berm
Steph Doing the Berms!

I rarely have weekends where I totally switch off, and am totally in the moment. I always have my cell close by with email, text, facebook, twitter, etc right at hand.

This weekend not only did I not work, post, tweet, study, FB etc, I had hours go by that I didn’t even have my phone on me.

Friday was a lovely meal out with friends followed by a “quick” drink at the pub.

Saturday was a lovely long MTB ride with the hubby and the rest of the day was spent at a BBQ with friends.

Sunday may or may not have started with a bit of a hangover and was just a day of relaxing, going out for lunch at the marina, long walks around the water and then back in the afternoon to spend the rest of the hot day napping and reading in the garden with the cats.

That to me (except the aforementioned alleged hangover) is the perfect weekend. I didn’t have the desire to even switch my laptop on to upload my ride to strava or indeed blog.

I work in IT and am on the PC non stop M-F usually up until 8 at night at least following up on project work and emails. Some weekends I just can’t be bothered, so I didn’t. And then Monday came around and I was so disconnected, it took me an hour to catch up! Ah well, I don’t mind, I would rather switch off at the weekend.

Off to Paris for a week on Friday, so this weekend will be a blog free zone and I can’t say that I will post much until I return, but I WILL take a lot of photos of scenery, markets etc to post when I return.

I have tried posting from my iphone and it just isn’t the same thing but I will post if I have time. Nope, never had or made time to post. It was a well needed time to spend with just me and hubby.