Indian Summer

I am not sure if we are due an indian summer, what I do know is that it is going to be near 90 this weekend and sunny. Woo hoo! What this means is that all planned exercise will need to be done in the early hours before it gets too hot. It’s been cool in the evenings and in the mornings, so that will be my window of opportunity!

Today was supposed to be quite warm as well, so after arguing with myself over why I should and should not go out for a run, I laced up my shoes and just did it! I am still in the run walk phase as I don’t find it very easy to get back into running. My husband can drop it like it’s hot for months and then go right back to being able to run 5K with no breaks. We found out today after the new scan on his knee that he has a partially broken bone in his knee and has still been running faster than me. *SIGH* I have always had to really really work at my running and it annoys they heck out of me that he is just naturally athletic. Why are some people that way and some not? Anyway, I need to get a good amount of exercise and clean eating in before we are off to Paris. Even though we do have an apartment, the kitchen is tres petite, and I can’t see myself whipping up more than breakfast and a light lunch there.

Petite Paris Kitchen - Marais

The dining room table is a tiny little table that will probably fit 2 tea saucers, which does not lend itself to more than breakfast, but hey, who cares? We’ll be in Paris in the Marais. It is a loft style apartment with the bedroom upstairs, how cool is that?

Cobblestone Paris Le Classique du Marais

So I am reading up on all the markets to go to that I haven’t been to yet, and making a return to the market in the Bastille that is my fave so far. I will take loads of foodie photos as well to share with the rest of the class.

So, between now and when we leave I will be exercise and clean eating queen! Then diet be darned when I am there. I will take my running gear so that I can run along the seine a couple of times while I am there.

This morning started with a gluten free stuftwich from Stuft Mama’s blog. I had GF long rolls, so just cooked up some egg whites with cinnamon. On one side of the roll I used a bit of kerrygold spreadable butter with olive oil, and some cinnamon and xylitol. On the other side I spread it with a bit of no sugar strawberry jam (Tiptree of course) and added the cooked egg whites and it was delish! That kept me going until my run, then when I returned I had a protein shake made with coconut milk, egg white vanilla custard protein, chia seeds, prebiotic powder, 1 frozen banana and cinnamon. Delish!

Lunch I am ashamed to say was once again roasted dino kale and coconut, with roasted chicken on the side and some coconut and pineapple water. I will get more motivated over the weekend as I am going to try some new recipes, mostly muffins oddly but I also have an outrageous craving for mac and cheese and I have a few gluten free recipe to try, ok, the GF will just be down to the pasta I use really. I don’t use a white sauce to make mine really as I like to make it as healthy as possible. One recipe adds in quite a bit of cauliflower. Will keep you posted! All other meals will be cooked on the BBQ if it’s as hot as they are saying it will be.

Off to put dinner on, my husband has asked for the great british classic, Ham Egg and chips! Mine will just be eggs and BNS chips then off for a bike ride to enjoy what is left of this lovely day!

Have a good one!

x Steph