Garlicky spinach & parmesan pasta

Do you ever invent meals based on the meagre ingredients in your fridge? Ok, so that is how this dinner came about. After baking doughnuts and cookies all day, and realising come dinner time that I had not had lunch. I don’t count the taste testing I did as lunch. Or the calories. I didn’t […]

Rainy day baked pumpkin & speculoos doughnuts

I am stuck indoors at the moment, dodging the rain and high winds, and decided the warmest place in house had to be the kitchen. I have been looking at pumpkin everything on pinterest lately and decided a nice cakey doughnut was what I fancied. I also have fancied a recipe using speculoos. I made […]

Slow cooker roast chicken

Quick post today. It’s a crazy week, and the slow cooker is getting a work out. There is one comfort food that I love above all others, and no matter the time of   year, it is roast chicken. Having recently super cleaned my oven I wanted to find an alternate method of roasting my […]

Tasty Tuesday’s and a call for Halloween recipes

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday’s Recipe sharing and link up party This is a blog hop and recipe sharing kind of day. This week has a call for Halloween theme. Find your best ghoulish or halloween themed recipes to share. I am baking up more pumpkins today for some fresh puree. It was a busy week […]

Smoky chili with chipotle peppers

Sundays are made for big eats. In my house, during the fall Sundays are the day that chores are done, the garden gets sorted, and I usually have a pot of something on the stove, or in the slow cooker. It is also the day that hubby watches european football (soccer) and American football. American […]

Weekend snacks, 2 quick and easy dips

Now you might know that I don’t usually post at the weekend. I tend to use that time to try out recipes in the kitchen, turn off the social media, put my mobile away and spend time with my husband and the cats. I am making an effort to write more in aid of National Blog […]

Spicy Pumpkin & Apple Butter in the slow cooker

I am taking part in BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo for October with the theme of Fall, easy. BlogHer is challenging those who are interested to blog every day in October. Now I have no idea what will happen this month, when the house sale will go through, or where I will be living, but I needed a challenge […]

Roasted sweet potato & coconut soup

It is a wet miserable day here today and all I wanted was to stay in bed snuggled under the covers. The next best thing is to get in the kitchen and whip up some goodies to eat. I love make recipes that I can take to work the next day, so thinking ahead to […]

Tasty tuesdays – plenty of great recipes to share

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday’s Recipe sharing and link up party This is a blog hop and recipe sharing kind of day. This week has no theme, but last week’s Slow Cooker Recipes was a massive success. We have had a few warmish days around London but that hasn’t made me put the slow cooker away. I made […]