Gloriously easy, no knead crusty bread recipe

I have attempted to hone my bread baking skills lately, while at the same time attempting to limit an overabundance of carbs in my diet. Yes I am aware that makes no sense, except to say that I am going for quality over quantity. For me, there are no greater comfort foods than good bread, […]

Bagel recipe….and a great arm workout

I have been naïvely promising my other half that I would make him some homemade bagels. How hard could it be? Ha! Well now I know. The end product was both pleasing to the eye and taste buds, but holy cow was it a lot of work. I started with a recipe I had seen […]

Beef bolognese recipe used 2 ways

Stuffed peppers

I love when I have a recipe that tastes naughty but is completely healthy. My beef bolognese recipe is not only delicious, but it is good for you, warming, and freezes well. I have decided I will be accountable for my eating in the new year, so have decided to give weight watchers a try along […]