A new start in Denver

It has been awhile, I know. I recently received the renewal notice for my website and had a big decision to make. Do I renew or let it lapse and disappear from the blogosphere? I realized that I did miss blogging, but it was the regular 3 times a week that I did not miss.

Goodbye Essex
Goodbye Essex
River Crouch
River Crouch

After a rather life changing move from the UK to Denver (somewhere we have never lived), we have made a new start and are living in the rented apartment for a year. Having moved from my home with a lovely kitchen overlooking my garden to living in an apartment in the center of the city, with a kitchen with a view of the living room, I lost my blogging mojo. I got a new job within 2 weeks of moving here, which while that is great news, meant that I did not have the time to properly explore Denver when we first arrived, so we have done that over the last 6 months.

While I have cooked and baked, I haven’t been taking much in the way of photographs of my food. I will get back to that now, but in the meanwhile, here is a whirlwind tour of my last 6 months.

Wurly CurlyHere are my new children, Curly and Wurly. Curly is the gorgeous boy on the right, Wurly is my lovely ginger girl on the left. She is 9 and he is 4. We originally went for 2 seniors, however when the senior cat we introduced to Wurly did not like her, we looked around the rescue for another cat to bring home. I walked into one of the cat rooms with around 30 cats, at Max Fund (a no kill animal shelter), and Curly walked right up to me. I picked him up not knowing his history at all, he put his paws on my shoulders on either side of my face and rubbed his nose on mine and purred and that was it. He was coming home with me regardless. They are both such lovely cats, and make this apartment a bit more like a home. It was quite empty before we brought them home, and they have totally taken over the house and we spoil them rotten!

There are quite a few things about living in Denver that are appealing. First, you are only and hour from skiing, next there is a food truck and craft beer scene here that is quite exceptional, and they go hand in hand. My husband’s fave is Radio Burger. They make the most amazing burgers I have ever had in my life, and hubby and I bought the first ever t-shirts they sold. While I stick to a single cheeseburger, hubby likes to branch out and try them all. This is one is a mix of beef mince/hamburger, minced bacon, and green chiles. It is truly lush, but a man-sized burger.

Burger Radio

There is also a stellar pizza truck that has a wood fired oven! What? And the pizza is divine. My doctor has put me on a gluten-free diet for a while, and this truck even caters to gluten-free. This is the white pizza with italian sauce from Basic Kneads.

Basic Kneads gluten free pizza

Now we had been in Denver for about a month when clothes started to feel a bit tight. Well, all that good food and beer had to catch up with us eventually. So we started crossfit. We found a groupon and decided that we would give it a whirl and even if we didn’t like it, there wasn’t any harm in trying it out. We have struggled to get back to the fitness level we had in the UK due to the change in altitude. Denver isn’t called the mile high city for nothing! As luck would have it, we “like” crossfit, or tolerate it as a necessary evil. It is an intense workout, and while you may not drop loads of pounds, your will sculpt your body. I will never be someone with a six-pack due to my penchant for cake and other “naughty” food, but if it keeps me in shape, and allows me to eat and drink all the things I love then I am happy. Oh, and while I may experiment with paleo, I could never be a strict follower, so I aim for clean eating Monday through Friday lunchtime and let my hair down a bit at the weekend. Here are some random shots from the early days. One to show just how sunny it is here on a day skiing, the next is Red Rocks in Morrison, and the last is me in front of one of the local breweries enjoying the sun this winter (note the snow still on the ground).

Good day for skiing Red Rocks Great Divide Brewery

If you made it through this post, well done. I promise to get back to cooking in my next post.

Steph x