Foodie Penpal Reveal – September 2012

It’s that lovely time of the month again where I get to share my foodie parcel. I love Foodie Penpals, and my parcels just keep getting better and better!

This month my foodie penpal was the love Christine Ro, sadly I don’t think she has a blog to link to, but let me tell you her package was the bomb diggity!

Foodie Penpal reveal September 2012

First Christine contacted me immediately and we had a quick “chat” about likes and dislikes and then I received my parcel 2 days later! It was pretty amazing that from an email and from her checking out my blog she sussed me out immediately. I read the card along with looking at everything so it all made sense. There was a huge bag of greek olives that she carefully wrapped so that they didn’t scent the rest of the parcel. Then I noticed home baked goodies! Christine had taken note of my gluten intolerance and had made me chocolate quinoa cake and it was delish, moist, really chocolately and pretty healthy! She got the cake recipe here but used flax seed and water (to make flax egg) instead of eggs. She also used a different frosting and she got the recipe from here. The result was really tasty, and I am going to enjoy making them myself shortly. And how cute were they?

Gluten free chocolate quinoa cake


There was watermelon sugar free gum that is quite tasty, and a cheeky Robin note card with bird seed. I love my birds! The next item I tasted was the gourmet raw red pepper crisps. Delicious GF crackers that are lovely with houmous and for when you need a crunchy savoury snack. I will definitely look for these again, great ingredients.

Foodie penpal reveal September 2012

The next item I unpacked was the tea. She actually sent me tea that her friends had hand gathered in Lebanon! How cool is that? Then last but certainly not least was a lovely blueberry chocolate bar sweetened with with stevia. I was quite happy to see that as well as I am trying to eliminate most sweeteners, but stevia and xylitol are sweeteners that I use.

Olives and chocolate

I was really just so impressed with the thoughtfulness of this parcel. It was full of great things, some of which I had never tried before, and now I have a new GF cake recipe to make and really enjoyed everything in my parcel, so a big thank you to Christine for making such an effort and again for being so thoughtful!!

Foodie Penpals really is a great was to try new foods and meet new people. If you are interested in taking part, take a look at the blog of the truly organised Carol Anne who orchestrates it all. She really does put in a lot of time and effort to arrange this for us all. Thank you Carol Anne, you rock!!

This month I was paired with Amanda from A Nose for Food, check out her blog. Great blog and a really nice chick! Briefly met her at the Food Blogger Connect conference last week but more on that in another post!

Have a good one!
X Steph


    • says

      I know, I was so impressed that my penpal had baked, and even more impressed at how deliciously chocolatey they were. Quickly eaten of course 🙂 I really like your blog, your photography is amazing, and we both have 2 rescue kitties! x Steph

    • says

      Thank you so much for organising foodie penpals. Even my husband gets into helping me find cool food finds now when we are travelling! 🙂 Have some apple butter cooking as we speak to send to my next penpal x Steph

    • says

      Foodie penpals is so much fun. Now whenever I pass a market even if I am travelling, I am always on the lookout for some new fun foodie gift to pick up. Love your blog, by the way, and the photography is ace!!

      x Steph