Blend Retreat 2015 Recap

Blend 2015 came and went in a flash! The hosts did an amazing job, Lindsay was there to greet me when I arrived, amazed at the location. When I arrived, Lindsay handed me the most amazing swag, complete with yoga mat and yoga pants, courtesy of Soybu.

Quest Swag Blend 2015 At the end, I had a huge Quest bag and 2 backpacks full of swag. I will not have to buy healthy treats for ages.


I had been stalking the Blend website since they started, and when it came back to Boulder this year, I knew it was meant to be. I had 3 lovely roommates, Katie from Perfectly Popped Kernel, Alexis from Lex & Learn, and last but not least, Autumn, who does not have a blog but should.


Mountains in Boulder

We stayed in cabins at Chautauqua park, which was an amazing venue, with gorgeous views of the mountains. We had bootcamp on the front lawn, sponsored by Gnarly protein (more on them in a separate post). Bootcamp was brutal, but thankfully, just after, we had a lovely breakfast, sponsored by Flapjacked and Justin’s, who both got up and spoke to us about their brands. Justin himself biked in as he lives in Boulder.

Justin Himself


I loved that so many of the sponsors were local, so it will be easier to find the products later. Actually I have to admit, that the breakfast after bootcamp, Flapjacked had made us carrot spice pancakes from a new product, that I immediately ran out and bought the mix because it was just that good. So good I bought 2 actually. I didn’t want to run out.

Flapjacked Carrot Spice

There was so much amazing food that I was much too busy eating to photograph, which is so poor for a food blogger. Apologies in advance, but if you google blend retreat 2015, any number of the other bloggers who are much better than I, will have photos galore. Check out Lindsay’s blog for some truly excellent photos.



Clean-ish cocktails courtesy of Wanu Water. Seriously, I need to buy this in bulk after they re-launch.

Super Hike Chatauqua park blend hike

A muddy and beautiful hike at Chautauqua. Yes, it was one long old hike, and I felt it the next day.


Here are the lovely roommates!



I had an amazing time, it was so well-organized. I would recommend the retreat highly. Loads of giggles, amazing and healthy food, more swag than you could carry, and more importantly, I met some great people.