Back from Barcelona


I was debating before I went away as to if I would blog while I was away. Given the roaming charges between the UK and Spain, and the time needed to blog, I decided to enjoy my time away instead.

I will post some cool pics tomorrow. The food was amazing however! The seafood and tapas were really excellent, and I enjoyed myself tremendously. I do however have 2 feet full of blisters to show for it, oh, and a gecko fridge magnet!

It also started me thinking about the whole mediterranean way of eating. The locals in Barcelona enjoy their food tremendously, and have a great cafe culture, even better than Paris. Yet they also exercise quite a bit as well. The gyms were packed at 10 at night and there were loads of people out running at that hour as well. We saw loads of people on bikes everywhere and quite a few power walking or running all over the city..and very few overweight people.

I have been struggling with my own path to healthy eating and exercise, and getting a healthy relationship with food. There is no bad food, and I need to really take that to heart and practice it!

Oooh almost forgot to mention the massive amount of spinach we got out of the garden to have with dinner tonight, and 5 pea pods! 🙂 ate them all fresh, followed by some strawberries out of the garden as well.

Cool photos of yummy food to follow tomorrow.