How do you stay on track when you have a stressful week

Borough Market Stoney Street Entrance

After the week from heck last week, I had the most relaxing lovely (media free) weekend with hubby. For once in the UK we had a lovely warm sunny weekend and could get out and cookout all weekend. I got a great run in on Saturday, then a long punishing MTB ride on Sunday along the sea wall. Yes I will bring my camera next time as well!

Well this week has come around and all the good work of the weekend washed away in the 90 minutes it takes me to get to the office. What would you do? Well exercise is good, but also some retail therapy to Borough Market.

Colorful cauliflowers at Borough Market I managed to easily spend £50 in 15 minutes running around the market getting some dino kale, zucchini/courgettes, some medicinal chocolate covered cocoa nibs. I also finished up my shopping for my foodie penpal, it was really fun, got a great mozzarella and parma ham salad for lunch as well.

I won’t give it away of course, and the chocolates are long gone. I *did* say it had been a long couple of weeks!

So I have been trying to stay healthy lately given the massive amount of stress I have been under at work, and so far so good. Albeit with the odd glass of wine here and there and the medicinal chocolate. But even weight watchers and slimming world say not to worry about the calories in medicine! 🙂 I have considered all the angles you see!

Food this week has been quick and uneventful. It has been fairly healthy however, but incredibly uninspired. This morning I had a green monster smoothie, but so out of practice am I at taking photos of my meals that all I got was this.Green monster smoothie remanents

I will get better, I promise. I will be working from home nearly every day for the next 2 weeks and have some time off around the bank holiday, so I will get back to cooking. I have my 10th wedding anniversary looming, and a packet of white truffle butter in the fridge that I am attempting to find a recipe for. I have a Barefoot Contessa Tagliarelle with truffle butter recipe that looks gorgeous, but would need to add some type of protein to it and a huge green salad to combat the fat! Ok, can you really combat a fatty dish with salad? I am not sure, but I think my reasoning is fairly solid.

This weekend I am trying out a bunch of new recipes, and will kick my own butt in to gear here. Off for a run in a sec before it gets too hot out today. I know I have a 10K race looming, but still haven’t gotten my race number or confirmation yet. Oh wait, I just looked it up online and it isn’t until the 21st of October, score! I have loads of time, but I am still off for a run. I have just under a month before I am off to Paris for a week of vaca and need to get in a bit better shape before then. I plan to run while I am there, but I also plan to enjoy myself and eat and drink like a Parisian for the week. The apartment we have rented is in the Marais and is right near a great market, and our favorite market at the bastille isn’t far away. It’s been too long since we been in Paris and we can’t wait.

Well time to get off for my run. I promise to post again soon AND have some recipes to show this time.

x Steph