Well needed break…and a belated foodie penpals catch up

Well, I must say I have been gone quite a bit longer than intended. I was insanely busy with 2 projects at work, then an extended holiday and bad health led me to take an break that I obviously needed.

Oh and throw in a kitchen remodel that is still being done, albeit slowly and I really haven’t had the space or desire to blog or create. I have to say that I have missed it, but I have not had the energy to put into it, so instead of lame posts, I would rather not post until I am fully into it.

Kitchen remodel

When I returned from holiday, I had a lovely parcel arrive not long after from the lovely Joan Grady who besides being Carol Anne’s sister, is a really good baker, but did I expect anything less?

We had a bit of an issue with foodie penpals in March, and Joan drew the short straw and had 2 foodie penpals to buy/bake for that month. Sadly I had food poisoning when the parcel arrived so my husband ate all of the macaroons, but they looked lovely and she kindly sent me the recipe for them so I will try them myself now that I am back on my feet.

The potato scones have yet to come out of the freezer, but they will tis weekend. There were also some small pancakes which were slightly sweet and remind me of American pancakes.

Foodie Penpals March 2012

Then the lovely macaroons drizzled with chocolate, followed by pineapple muffins which were absolutely lovely. I will try my hand at these. Oooh and last but certainly not least was the cadbury cream egg in honor of Easter. 🙂 Thank you so much for such a thoughtful parcel.

If you want to take part in foodie penpals, check out Carol Anne’s blog to see the particulars. It really is a fun way to try new food, and meet new people from the UK and Europe.

So now that part of the kitchen is complete, I plan at this moment in time to get back into it this weekend. This is said while I look out the window and it is rainy and miserable out, however it is really does get up to 16 this weekend, then I will be out every moment I can, and will only be cooking on the BBQ grill and will not be in the kitchen if at all possible. In the UK, you have to seize the moments of good weather when you can, and if you are lucky enough to have a warm sunny day on the weekend, the last thing you want to do is be inside, but my garden will look nice at the end of the weekend hopefully.

Have a good one