Foodie Penpals Reveal September 2013

Slightly delayed post. My parcel arrived last night and I just didn’t have the time to put a post up. This is the September 2013 Foodie Penpal Reveal…

This month my parcel came all the way from Germany. I love German food and I love getting parcels from outside the UK. I was paired with Alina from Lithuania and the lovely lady who sent me my parcel is Isabel. Neither Isabel nor Alina have blogs yet, but watch this space!

Foodie Penpals Sept 2013

Now anyone that knows me knows I love presents, and foodie presents, well that is the best, so of course I noticed the parcel when I got in from work and had to open it before removing my coat or kissing the cats. Priorities.

Isabel thoughtfully put notes on all the items to explain them along with a note that she had bought some of the items while travelling in Germany.


In my parcel was broccoli soup, which I will take for work along with the sesame breadsticks. Always nice to have some ready made soup when it gets chilly. Next were the candies. Chocolate covered creamy candies that I look forward to trying. Next was the Christstollen which is apparently Chirstmassy. I look forward to trying a bit of that today with a cup of tea. Isabel also included a lovely looking recipe for Stollen that I can’t wait to try. It looks like a rich version of fruit bread. Next was the liver sausage. Now I am not a fan of liver of any variety, but my husbands eye lit up and he ran off with them, so no worries of it going to waste.

Isabel included her favourite cake sprinkles which will really come in handy this time of year. In the first picture you see the spelt bread. I love German bread, they do gorgeous pumpernickel, rye bread, lovely chewy hearty breads that are cut quite thin. I love them toasted or as an open faced sandwhich, so I am really looking forward to trying this today with lunch. Hmm, a tuna salad with gherkins perhaps.

Ok, now this one I saved until last, because I let out a squeal of excitement when I saw it.


I have only ever know this as Maggi. I was first introduced to it by a German friend in the US about 20 years ago. I have had this in my pantry ever since. It is a bit like soy sauce, but with a lovely savoury flavour that I just cannot explain. You must try it. I use it in amy hamburger, casseroles and I love it in a dish I make with chicken and mushrooms with a creamy sauce and loads of maggi chucked in. Isabel says she uses it on scambled eggs. I have to go to Costco to find it, so I usually have a huge catering size in my cupboards at any given time. So now I have a tiny bottle that I can take with me everywhere. I absolutely love it.

Isabel, you rock! I loved my parcel and can’t wait to try things properly today.

If you are reading this and want to take part, check out This is Rock Salt’s blog.┬áThis will explain how foodie penpals works. You don’t have to have a blog, just love food. Carol Anne runs the European foodie penpals, however there is a North American arm of foodie penpals, where it all began. Check out Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean blog. Lindsay setup the program in the US initially and it has grown like mad. It is such a fun way to meet new people and try new foods, I totally recommend it!

Take care!