Foodie Penpals August 2013 Reveal

Foodie penpals August 2013

It’s that time again. The summer is nearly over and another Foodie Penpal reveal. This month I was paired with 2 excellent people again. I was Susan’s Foodie Penpal. I had a great time shopping for her and did a commando mission to Borough Market and beyond. I bought all items I love myself, so I am hoping she likes it all.

Anneli from Suffolk was my Foodie Penpal. She put me on to their 30 Mile Food Challenge which starts in September. I will definitely be checking this out!

Anneli has great instincts, and my parcel did not disappoint. There was some lovely local coffee and some cappuccino thins. Why yes, I did make a pot of coffee last Sunday and sat on the deck with a fabulously smelling cup of coffee with my biscuits.

Next was a pouch of lush greek olives. I love all olives, and love a bit of tapas or meze with some olives, and a nice crisp glass of white wine of course.

Last but certainly not least was Mediterranean lime salt flakes. I love salt, and I love experimenting with different types. I had thought they would make a nice addition to some lime margaritas along the edge of the glass. It came in a lovely glass jar as well and has pride of place next to the stove.

Olives and salt

Thank you to both Anneli and Susan for a lovely month.

Foodie penpals is a great programme. It is open to Blog writers and/or food lovers. It is coordinated by the lovely Carol Anne at This is Rock Salt. Check out her blog and check out the Foodie Penpals information. It’s a monthly draw that you can take part monthly or when you want. There is a set limit for each parcel, and it is a great way to meet new people and try new food. In the US it is run by The Lean Green Bean and in Europe Carole Anne runs it. It is great fun as well and I have tried some amazing food from Greece, Germany, Holland, Ireland, and the UK.

Come on, you know you want to. 🙂