Foodie Pen pal Reveal September 2014

Foodie Pen pals

I have finally gotten back into the Foodie Pen pals program, this time in the US. It is run a bit differently than the European version, but it is basically the same premise, where you are paired with another foodie, and after finding out their likes and dislikes, you send them a food parcel. If you want to join, check out Lean Green Bean’s page for more info. It’s great fun, you get to meet some fun, like minded people, and best of all, you get some new foods to try. It is a bit like Christmas, and it is always so much fun when the parcel arrives.

I actually started back last month, and sent a parcel to my foodie pen pal, but she let me down and didn’t send one in return, so I was a bit hesitant to try again, however this month I was paired with the lovely Sue of This Mama Runs for Cupcakes. Check out her blog, I just wish I were as athletic as Sue, something to aspire to. She lives in DC and moved from Colorado, and I lived in DC originally and moved to CO.

This first thing I noticed in my parcel, and immediately had to taste was the popcorn. Dark chocolate and sea salt popcorn. It is amazing popcorn, and needless to say it is gone already. Popcorn (especially kettle corn) is one of my weaknesses.

Foodie Penpal

Next in the mix were some lovely spices, seasonings, and tea. Chocolate sea salt, what a great concept. I am going to try this in my baking this week.

Foodie penpal Sept 2014

Next up was the natural cocoa powder, and salted caramel sugar. I am going to use them on a chocolate quinoa cake recipe.  Hiding behind the chocolate sea salt was the pumpkin spice tea. I love tea, I love spice, and I love pumpkin, we definitely have a winner here.


Not pictured is the Tuscan spice rub. I have only just started using rubs this year, and this one particularly looks like it will be great on all sorts of food. I love trying new seasonings and spices.

It has only just started to cool off in Denver this week, which always makes me want to get back in the kitchen, and I have some great ingredients to try this weekend.  Thanks so much Sue!!