Foodie Penpal Reveal – July 2013

As usual I am several days behind. Busy week and work getting in the way of real life, but here is this month’s Foodie Penpal Reveal! This month I was paired with Caitlin who is a fellow expat living in the UK. Check out her blog when you get a chance. The lovely lady who sent me my parcel was Charley from Charley’s Kitchen. Charley has her own cookery school in Brighton, so I knew I would get a lovely parcel.

Foodie penpal reveal July 2013 She sent me some lovely gourmet tea that has flowers in it and smells divine. She said it was from a local tea house. The next bit I noticed was the Pocky, asian biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate that the hubby ran off with. I never get any of the chocolate that appears in parcels these days. He says he is trying to help me keep to my diet. The next item was another local product, Brighton Beach BBQ rub. I was very excited to see this. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love my barbecue, in fact it was mandatory when I moved to the UK that we bring ours with us. I am making ribs for dinner tonight, and I will definitely be trying this out.

The next item in the box was pink Himalayan crystal salt. I have a fine ground variety that I use for its health properties, so I was intrigued to see this. I will have to look up how to use it in a bit more detail, but did see that if you pour water over it you can make homemade mineral water.

The last item (and certainly not least) that was in the parcel was chinese prawn crackers. Apparently all you need to do is chuck them in a bit of hot oil and voilà you have prawn crackers. I can’t wait to try them when I do a stir fry.

I loved the parcel and really enjoy the mix of items. I feel some experimenting coming on!

Now that you have seen how fun this is, don’t you want to take part? If you are in the UK/EU, head over to Carol Anne’s blog to sign up or if you are in the US/Canada head over to The Lean Green Bean blog. It’s a great program where you are matched with 2 people every month, one who sends you a parcel and the other that you send a parcel to. There is a limit of £10 for the European pen pals and $15 in the US. It’s a great way to meet people from all over, and try new food finds. It is so exciting to receive a new parcel every month.

Have a good one!