Foodie Penpal Reveal January 2013

It’s time for the Foodie Penpal Reveal January 2013….drum roll please.

This month I was paired with Kim Janssen from The Netherlands, unfortunately she does not have a blog so I cannot share. but I did send her a mix of items for baking and snacking, including my homemade vanilla extract that I have been “brewing” since September of last year. Lovely smelling stuff, that I kept topping up with more tahitian vanilla beans.

The person who sent me a parcel this month was Fay of Food Fables which is an excellent foodie blog that has some mouth watering food reviews.

Here is a photo of the lovely items in my parcel, and what you can’t see is that I have already opened the pretzels and eaten some.

Foodie Penpals Reveal

I was so excited to see some pretzels from home, so of course I had to have some straight away. The Bear biscuits are delicious, they contain real banana so I tell myself that I am eating fruit. Ha. Also included are sun-dried tomatoes, rose-water for baking, ryvita thins for snacking, the aforementioned pretzels, as well as a really stellar item, porcini mushroom stock cubes.

What a great mix of healthy snacks and cooking items. I will post some recipes soon using the stock and the sun-dried tomatoes and then I am going to experiment with the rose-water.

Thanks so much Fay, I really enjoyed my parcel.

Now, if this kind of thing appeals to you, and you would like to join in on the fun, check out the particulars here. Foodie Penpals Europe is run by Carol Anne, a writer and foodie who has a great blog and does an amazing amount of work to arrange this for us every month. It is loads of fun getting paired up with a different person every month and exchanging parcels with people all over Europe.

I have had penpals from Greece, Germany, The Netherlands, and the UK. It is always fun and you get to meet a new person every month. I have had some amazing food, and thoroughly enjoy picking out a parcel that I hope my penpal will like.

Have a good one.