Foodie Penpal Reveal August 2012

Morning all, today is the day! Foodie penpal reveal day! I was paired with Libby from Everyday Yummy. Check out her blog, she has some seriously delicious looking recipes.

My foodie penpal is Sarah from North West Nosh. Check out her blog for some really cool food and drink adventures. My food parcel was really creative and has really made me get a bit more creative myself to use the items. More of that to come in future posts!

Foodie penpal reveal August 2012Sarah really went with the mediterranean theme, and I loved it! She seemed to really have a lot of fun choosing the items and it really showed. First I loved the olives in the resealable package. I love olives but I am the only one in the house that eats them so they usually end up going off before I can finish them, but this was perfect and no waste (oh yes they are all gone). Next item was the italian wafer bar. To tell the truth I had to forgo this because my husband stole it and ate it. I have heard it was quite nice though. 🙂 The next item which I can’t wait to try this week is the Nduja. Apologies for the terrible photo! It is a spicy salami spread made with italian salami and chillis and tomatos. Wow! I have never seena anything like it but have found a couple of recipes for pasta and roasted veggies with it, so will give it a try this weekend. Sounds lovely.


The next item was cuttlefish ink to add to risottos, which I will try *but* I am going to actually try my hand at squid ink pasta. I love the look of black pasta I am going to give it a try. What a great addition.

And then last but certainly not least was the tea. Sarah had gone to her local tea place and found something called Wendy tea with lavender. It is a really interesting and summery tea. I was really impressed with such a neat find.

Thank you Sarah for such a thoughtful and created parcel. I have been incredibly lucky with my foodie penpals. Each parcel being so different and showing a bit of their personalities. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating.

Again a BIG thank you to Carol Anne at This is Rock Salt for arranging this every month! You rock!! No pun intended.

If you would like to take part in Foodie Penpals, you don’t have to have a blog, just contact Carol Anne. That link will tell you what it’s all about and how to participate. It’s great fun, you get to “meet” new and really interesting people and get to taste all sorts of new stuff. What’s not to like?

Have a good one!

x Steph