Foodie pen pals reveal June 2013

Morning all! Yes, better late than never. My work life-life balance is a bit out of kilter at the moment, and I don’t seem to have enough free time to fit everything in. I think I need a few days off just to work on the backlog. This month’s Foodie pen pals was a lot of fun. I was paired with two cool chicks. My foodie pen pal was Steph from Tub on the Run. Check out her blog! I received an excellent parcel this month from Kerry, she doesn’t have a blog, so I have linked to her twitter account.

Foodie penpals June 2013 Please forgive the awful photos, I had to rely on my iPhone for photos that day! I really loved the array of foods in the parcel. The wine is one of my favourites and how nice to have a 1 glass bottle that went down a treat after finishing an exam last week! Hubby ran off with the magnum chocolates and the chocolate bar (he left me one chocolate and it was lovely). Next was a paella spice mix. Paella is one of my favourite dishes to make, and I will give it a try next time. There is some lush looking chocolate sauce that I will sample soon. The Arabian spice really intrigues me, I am going to make an effort to figure out how to use it. There were a couple packs of marinades that really interested hubby, and I am going to try the smokey one tomorrow on ribs for our 4th of July BBQ. I love harissa paste and was really pleased to see that in the mix.

Now, Kerry included some fantastic recipes in the parcel as well. Little did she know that I absolutely LOVE pierogies, and she very kindly included a recipe for them. I cannot wait to make my own! Living in the US, there is a huge Polish population, so I grew up eating kielbasa and cabbage and cannot remember a time I couldn’t find pierogies at my local grocery store and have really missed them since moving to the UK. So I am on a mission now! Foodie penpals 2 I really love the food and the ideas from this parcel, thank you Kerry!!! I loved it and cannot wait to experiment!

If you are in the US and want to take part check out Lean Green Beans blog or if you are in the EU, check out the lovely Carol Anne’s blog to see how to take part. It is loads of fun, you get paired with great people (you don’t need a blog to participate), and you get to meet people from all over Europe and try some really great foods. Our common bond is food, what’s not to like? I have had parcels from Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland and the UK and have not been disappointed.

Have a good one!

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  1. Kerry Adamowicz says

    Hi Stephanie, glad you liked your goodies! Really enjoying this scheme, great to get to taste food/drink from all over Europe, I love sending and receiving my parcel every month…..i’m with you, what’s not to like, I’m inspired every month by the people I talk to and the food I try.xx

    • says

      It was such a fun parcel! And I am a sucker for mini bottles of wine 🙂 Thanks again Kerry! It was such a well thought out mix. x Steph