April 2013 Foodie Penpals Reveal

This month I was paired with 2 lovely ladies. The person that I was paired with was Kelly. Check out both of her blogs. She asked for a healthier eating box, so I obliged and added some healthier baking items as well. Check out her blog to see what I sent to her.

The person who had me as a foodie penpal was Selina, great blog and similar story to me in that her blog is about a year old, it is something she does in her spare time in addition to her day job. I asked her to surprise me, and she sent me a fabulous parcel.

Foodie Penpals April 2013 Parcel
Foodie Penpals April 2013 Parcel

I immediately loved the ribbon and pink paper.  Totally girly and totally me. There were so many nice elements to the parcel but of course who can resist the lure of a wrapped item, so I went for that first.

Cookie unwrapped

It contained a lovely spice cookie that I devoured immediately with a cup of tea of course. My will power never was very good!

She also sent me some recipes that I have tucked away to try. There was pilau rice, some gorgeous tomato purée. I am a sucker for good tomato paste. The next item I had to try was the brioche bread mix. I ran out to the shed to unearth my bread maker, and popped it in while working on the kitchen “project” as I have no oven access at the moment. The smell of the bread baking was marvellous, all buttery smelling. It tasted amazing as well. I will need to find more of them!

There were lovely olives in the parcel that are just awaiting my Spanish night tonight to use. A little mango chutney that is fantastic. I always have a recipe that requires just a litte mango chutney, and I have only found the larger jars which then go to waste, so I love this. Next was a rude health Pumpkin spice bar that I have popped into my work bag for the long commute home for something healthy to eat, and just the type of thing I would buy as well with my love of all things pumpkin. And last but certainly not least was an energy gel. Perfect as I am training up for a half marathon later this year, so I will definitely use this!

I have to say this was an incredibly thoughtful parcel, and everything really appealed to me. It was obvious that Selina had looked at my blog and chose things for me that were right up my alley. Thank you so much!

If you are now inspired to take part, you have only to get in touch with Carol Anne and check out the how to’s and there where for’s. It is quite easy to sign up, and on the 5th of the month you are paired up with 2 people, one who will send you a parcel and the second to whom you will send a parcel. At the end of the month, if you blog, you do a reveal. I have met people from all over Europe this way and have received some amazing parcels and tried so many new foods. Give it a go, you will not be disappointed!

Have a good one,





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      The brioche mix was lush. I had to search online to find more my hubby liked it so much! Now to try my hand at making it from scratch 🙂