Grilled scallops and chorizo over minted pea purée

Scallops and chorizoScallops and chorizo are a match made in food heaven. The lovely sweetness of the scallop against the smoky spiciness of the chorizo (cue the sound Homer Simpson makes when he is thinking about doughnuts).

I always seem to have a supply of chorizo in the house as it add a kick of flavour to so many things, and I popped up to my local farm shop to check out the seafood selection. Once a week they travel up to London to Billingsgate and come back with some really fresh and good quality seafood.

I came back with some trimmed scallops  as I am not a big fan of the corals. This dish is so incredibly easy and quick to make, that when you have a really hot summer night like we have had lately, it’s fresh and light and requires a minimal amount of time in the kitchen.

Start by cooking the chorizo until it’s lightly browned, and remove to a warmed plate. While the chorizo is cooking, put your peas on to cook. Fresh or frozen work fine, but for speed I have used frozen. I cooked my peas with a handful of fresh mint to give them a lovely fresh flavour that will compliment the rest of the ingredients. When they are almost done, remove them from the heat and leave them to one side.


Then pop the scallops into the same pan and cook about 1 minute on each side. I had large scallops and I sliced then in half. If you keep them whole, then I would add another 1-2 minutes per side. The scallops will cook up quickly in the paprika coloured oil left by the chorizo and will turn a lovely orangey colour. While the scallops are cooking, drain the peas, pop in a small knob of butter, and purée with a hand blender. I left mine a bit chunky for texture.


Now it’s time to plate up. Put a good amount of peas on the plate, position the scallops over the peas, and sprinkle the chorizo over. My husband likes to drizzle a bit of the oil from the pan over his scallops, but for a lighter meal, I leave that off of mine.

The finished article is really tasty and my husband has already asked me to make it again.




Grilled scallops and chorizo with minted pea puree


  • 8 large scallops, cut in half
  • 100g chorizo, cubed
  • 250g peas, frozen
  • large handful of fresh mint
  • 1 small knob of butter


  1. Fry off the chorizo until browned and they have released their oil
  2. Using a slotted spoon, remove the chorizo from the pan and set to one side
  3. Put the peas on to cook
  4. Cook the scallops over medium heat for approximately 1 minute on each side
  5. Once the peas are cooked, drain, remove the mint, add the butter and puree
  6. Once the scallops are cooked, serve them over the pea puree, with the chorizo scattered on top
  7. Drizzle the chorizo oil over the top and serve with crusty bread