Feeling snacky and beer festivals

Do you ever have those days where you just want to eat? I have had one of those weekends.

Breakfast started out with Greek yogurt, berries, a drizzle of maple agave, a tsp of chia seeds and a heaped teaspoon of cashew nut butter. Mmm

Then had a coconut pie Lara bar for the next snack.

Lunch was a lovely crust less quiche and pan con tomate.


When we spent the last 5 days in Barcelona everywhere we ate they served that first. It was just fresh tomatoes on bread drizzled with olive oil. I just puréed tomatoes with a handblender, added a pinch of salt and pepper to taste and then put it over lightly grilled and thinly sliced ciabatta. I drizzled it with rapeseed oil as it has a nicer flavor to me than olive oil, and has less sat fat!

After an incredibly long and stressful week, I planned a relaxing weekend. All that was on the cards was beer festival, hanging out with friends and relaxing.

Later was slightly less healthy as we were at the beer festival so it consisted of thai and homemade donuts!

So today slightly hungover for not acting my age last night we didn’t feel like going far or cooking much so breakfast was scrambled eggs and gluten free toast.

Then was a marathon Man v Food festival on TV! Which after a particularly tasty episode led to nachos for lunch. Hubby made some truly scrumptious guacamole. Ok so it might not be overly healthy but I am sure it was what the doctor ordered!

I will put some proper recipes on this week. I have just lost my mojo a bit lately with an incredibly stressful week at work.

X Steph