Choux buns and beetroot mayo

Today I am guest posting for the lovely Carol Anne, check out the post on her blog. While she is playing catch up after a month of writing a complete novel for NaNoWriMo she was kind enough to choose me as one of her guest bloggers. How exciting!

Blue Basil Brownie deliveryI have been really trying to up my game in the run up to Christmas, and really work on my cooking skills as well. I have ventured in to bread making, and have made a couple of lovely focaccia’s, experimenting with some gorgeously smokey trout pâté, a lovely golden hollandaise sauce that is good enough to make you smack yourself, some crudités to lift even the most jaded pallets along with some really good cocktails.

Everything in moderation, she says as she types with one hand and munches on an Bluebasil Banoffee brownie with the other hand. Oh my they are good, with a hint of banana and a gooey river of caramel in the center! I am usually quite mistrustful of most brownies in the UK as they tend to be quite cakey and bland, but I do love the gargantuan  brownies from Flour Power at Borough Market, London) and now the more refined brownies from Bluebasil. They have a great selection of flavors, and the texture is just the right mix of cakey and fudgey and they come in a lovely wrapped box that makes you feel like you have just received a Christmas package!

But I digress! I will be making a concerted effort from now on to post 1-2 new recipes a week that actually take a bit of work and hopefully ingenuity as well, so watch this space. In the meanwhile, have a look at the Rock Salt blog for my choux bun and beetroot mayo recipes. They are tasty if I do say so myself!

x Steph