Spicy Pumpkin & Apple Butter in the slow cooker

I am taking part in BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo for October with the theme of Fall, easy. BlogHer is challenging those who are interested to blog every day in October. Now I have no idea what will happen this month, when the house sale will go through, or where I will be living, but I needed a challenge to get me writing more regularly and be accountable. Here it is!


So in the Fall theme, and not that I needed any encouragement, I decided to post my latest trial. I love oatmeal/porridge for breakfast. Any hot cereal really, but it must have interesting toppings. Lately that topping has been my Pumpkin and Apple butter made in the slow cooker.

Spiced pumpkin apple butter


Slow cooker Pumpkin & Apple butter recipe:

  •  3 lbs (approx 1.4 kg) apples, peeled and quartered
  • 1 cup pumpkin purée
  • 1 tablespoon dark brown sugar (not essential, but it gives it a lovely rich flavour)
  • 3 tablespoon maple agave (or maple syrup)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon cloves
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

I put the apples, sugar and spice into the slow cooker and stirred it up so that the spices covered all the apples. I left it to cook for 8 hours on low. I stirred mine every so often to make sure it had enough liquid, and to taste it of course. I never needed to add liquid. It got darker and more flavourful as the hours progressed. When it’s done, stir in the pumpkin purée and leave to cook another 10 minutes. Decant to a sterilised jar. This keeps in the fridge for about 2 weeks.

Pumpkins in for roasting - Steph Loves Cake

If you can’t get pumpkin in the can where you are (readily available now in the UK), you can make your own. I usually keep a stash of ready-made pumpkin purée in the freezer as the pumpkin season in the UK tends to be short. To make your own pumpkin purée, cut a cooking pumpkin in half and place in a baking dish. I put a bit of boiling water in the dish and cook at 160C/350F for about 40 minutes until the flesh is tender. Remove from the oven and leave to cool for 20 minutes or until you are able to touch the pumpkin. Scoop out the flesh, and using a hand blender or food processor, blitz until smooth. You can store in the fridge for up to 3 days or freeze to use later.

Note, to sterilise the jar, I just pour boiling water into it and leave it to cool a bit.



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      Yes indeed you can. It freezes well too and that way lasts indefinitely. Apple butter lasts much like apple sauce and would depend on how you can your apple butter. Thanks for stopping by!