Finding the Music in Life

Today everyone is talking about…….Finding the Music in Life

I like to think of every day as a new opportunity. You can have a day where you are ready to pull your hair out, but how you let that affect you (or not) is key. One of my aims in of getting fit and healthy is moving towards a relatively stress free life.

I have had some very dark days in my life that I won’t go into here, and I have wasted a lot of time holding on to these bad feelings and letting these times hold me back from doing everything I wanted to do in life. In the last 5 years I have had a gradual epiphany. I realised that nothing that had happened to me in the past could be changed, and there was no sense holding on to all that negativity.

I woke up one day and refused to be a “victim” any longer and decided to take charge of my life and make some real changes. I started running to feel and look better. I also decided to get into writing as an outlet for my own feelings. I finally started to feel free. I enjoyed writing so much that I eventually got up the nerve to start my blog, start a writing course to polish up my skills and finish Uni. Ok granted, some most of that is still in progress, but it makes me happy, gives me a purpose and makes me feel good. I am working towards helping others with this as I progress. I am training to be a personal trainer. This will take some time as I am in training myself, but I plan to help others with this qualification, and hope to volunteer to help those who cannot normally afford a trainer.

In my quest, here are some of ideas that have helped me progress:

  1. Learn to let go – Don’t hold on to negative feelings, they don’t you any good and won’t allow the positive things around you to happen.
  2. Take responsibility for your actions – Don’t play the victim. This won’t help you and you won’t get far with this attitude. Adopt a healthy attitude, and eventually you will notice a change around you. People and your environment will get better.
  3. Make a change – There is a saying I have heard for years. If you always do what you always done, you’ll always get what you always got. While not proper English, it is sound logic. Don’t expect different results if you always do the same things. Shake things up.
  4. Allow yourself to be sad if you need to – Strength isn’t about being tough. Sometimes you just need a good cry. Heck, rent a sad movie if you need to, pop some popcorn and have a good long cry. Then pick yourself up and dust yourself off as tomorrow is another day.
  5. Take a chance – Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t live life wishing you had taken that chance. It’s never too late to try something new, go back to school, etc. Take small steps if you need to but just do something. Write down what you want to ultimately achieve and the steps that you need to take to get there and get started.
  6. Appreciate the small things – Appreciate the things you have going for you and don’t sweat the small things. We all have things we are happy for, things that make us unique, and things only we can offer the world. Celebrate these things and the day.

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x Steph


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      Thank you so much. I was just reading your blog post and your blog in general and you have a great writing style. What a great outlook on life!

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    Great post, Stephanie! I started writing to work through my past, too. It’s just like you said, a “gradual epiphany.” My way of thinking just evolved without me realizing it. When you aren’t weighed down by your past you are able to see the good things in life. Fantastic advice. 🙂

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      Hi Angela

      I actually had a good time writing this post, it took a couple of attempts but it was nice to write something that made me realize what I am thankful for. Thanks again!

      x Steph