February 2013 Foodie Penpal Reveal

February Foodie Penpal Reveal This month my foodie penpal was Teresa where she mentioned that she prefers savoury and wanted to try new spices and to try my favorite cuisine. I love Greek food and that was the theme of her parcel. I was also paired with Hannah who doesn’t have a blog to share. We […]

Summer, enjoy it while it lasts

Green Monster Smoothie in the making

Well Olympics visitors, enjoy our summer while it lasts. It has gone from sweatshirt weather to tank tops and shorts in a day!  I am fully enjoying the weather and the bit of sunburn I managed to get when we were out riding our bikes Sunday. The cats have been hiding away in shady areas […]

Happy 4th!

The 4th of July is one of my favourite days. I love the patriotism, the fireworks and just being with friends and family. Since moving to the UK I don’t celebrate it here for obvious reasons but it never fails to me make homesick. Happy belated 4th of July! x Steph

Blog is moving!

I am in the process of transferring my domain to a new hosting provider, so service may be up and down for the next 7-10 days! I will be back on line asap! See you soon!x Steph

Sun? What’s that?

Well folks, it’s a record here in the south east of England, 2 straight days of sun! In June you say? How odd. I agree. So let’s make the most of said sun. Yesterday I was locked up all day in wordpress training (yes it is time to jazz up the blog). So I was […]

Busy weekend!

I love long weekends and this weekend is no exception and I have been busy. Yesterday was spent replanting 40 tomato plants and 30 chilli plants. Today was spent tying up said plants and getting the office set up soon to be followed by some baking for a charity event tomorrow. I will post piccies […]

Intermittant Fasting?

Several days ago I posted that I am doing a virtual bootcamp called Fabulously Fit at Forty. The point of the plan is nutrition and short sharp workouts. It is supposed to look at how women around and over the age of 40 can shape up and how diet affects their bodies. While the entire plan advocates clean eating (albeit relatively […]

Good purchases and bad

I have recently been doing up my office so that I have a proper working space for 2 reasons: I need a nice space of my own to study I will be working from home for a month while the Olympics are on due to the fact that my commute takes me right through Stratford […]