Gluten free banana breakfast muffins

I have had some wicked carbohydrate cravings lately. Cake and pasta have been high up on my list of “to-do’s”. I decided today to try out a gluten-free breakfast muffin that I could easily take to work. I don’t have time to eat in the morning before catching the train, so I tend to take […]

My harvest

Ok so this summer has been a bit weird even for the UK. We have had a bit of summer at the tail end of July and beginning of August, however it has turned again. I have a load of tomatoes on the turn, and I need sun AND heat! Fingers crossed for an indian […]

Whew what a week!

Wow what a long week. For the last 10 stress filled days straight I have been working 14 hour days minimum. I would give a kings ransom to be here, wherever that is! It’s the kind of stress that after a while you areĀ just exhausted all the time andĀ find even eating a chore. I have […]