A new start in Denver

It has been awhile, I know. I recently received the renewal notice for my website and had a big decision to make. Do I renew or let it lapse and disappear from the blogosphere? I realized that I did miss blogging, but it was the regular 3 times a week that I did not miss. […]

Mushroom risotto – gluten free

I love carbs. There is no way to deny it. Whenever I want to lose a bit of weight that has crept up on me, I avoid certain carbs and eat more vegetables in their place, but there is no way I could be a low carb person full-time. The weather here is turning cooler, […]

Brrr…Clam Chowder Recipe

Ok I fully admit that I am a wimp when it comes to cooler weather. I am the one person who always has a fleece or sweater with me most of the time as I seem to really feel the cold. Maybe that is a female thing as my husband does not seem to suffer. […]