Blend Retreat 2015 Recap

Blend 2015 came and went in a flash! The hosts did an amazing job, Lindsay was there to greet me when I arrived, amazed at the location. When I arrived, Lindsay handed me the most amazing swag, complete with yoga mat and yoga pants, courtesy of Soybu.  At the end, I had a huge Quest bag and […]

Bagel recipe….and a great arm workout

I have been naïvely promising my other half that I would make him some homemade bagels. How hard could it be? Ha! Well now I know. The end product was both pleasing to the eye and taste buds, but holy cow was it a lot of work. I started with a recipe I had seen […]

Slow cooker apple butter

Crockpot apple butter

Fall is well and truly here. As I write this, it is overcast and rainy out, and I am bundled up in my pink fuzzy sweater on the most comfy seat in the house in my lavender office in front of the radiator. Oh yes, and my house smells so darn good right now! The […]

Finding the Music in Life

Sonia's song book

Today everyone is talking about…….Finding the Music in Life I like to think of every day as a new opportunity. You can have a day where you are ready to pull your hair out, but how you let that affect you (or not) is key. One of my aims in of getting fit and healthy […]

Why you treat me so bad?

I read a great blog post today and it was really uplifting. It made me start thinking about all the things I am grateful for. I have a pretty good life. I have a loving husband, my own home, a great squash patch, 2 lovely kitty cats and a decent job. I have loads of […]

Where did the weekend go?

Nuun tablets

Well the weekend whizzed by in a nano second, after waiting all week patiently for it to arrive. I have been stuck in a rut food wise lately, resorting to the same things.  Most often, my bowl of roasted kale, coconut and chicken. It’s easy, quick and healthy. I have had a massive craving for […]

Back from Barcelona


I was debating before I went away as to if I would blog while I was away. Given the roaming charges between the UK and Spain, and the time needed to blog, I decided to enjoy my time away instead. I will post some cool pics tomorrow. The food was amazing however! The seafood and […]

Eating out of house and home

Hi all! Hubby and I are going to Barcelona for 5 days so I haven’t had a grocery delivery this week. Tell a lie, I had a massive delivery of cat food and treats 🙂 but no real people food. I am attempting to eat just what’s in the fridge/freezer before we go and have […]