Irish soda bread

I have been craving Irish soda bread lately. You can buy a decent commercial variety in the grocery store, but I am trying to avoid preservative s where I can and I like to make bread so I decided to make some from scratch. Irish soda bread is a fairly simple recipe and quite a […]

Asparagus Tart Recipe

Asparagus tart

I am not sure where the year has gone, but it is nearly the middle of June, I am still wearing socks and hoodies as mother nature is not playing ball. Due to the extremes in weather, chilly and rainy one day with a warm and sunny day thrown in maybe once every other week […]

Gloriously easy, no knead crusty bread recipe

I have attempted to hone my bread baking skills lately, while at the same time attempting to limit an overabundance of carbs in my diet. Yes I am aware that makes no sense, except to say that I am going for quality over quantity. For me, there are no greater comfort foods than good bread, […]