Blueberry & hazelnut baked oatmeal

It has been quite a long week. I have not been active on the blog as I have been busy working and studying. I had Monday set aside for a post but due to the bad weather, we had no power. No trains, no electric, no internet, no heat. However did we manage before constant […]

Pumpkin spice creamer

In the UK, there is something called Elevenses. It is usually a sweet snack like biscuits/cookies, and a cup of tea – and named for the time of day it is eaten. Usually when I am in the office, elevenses is just a run out to get a coffee that I drink at my desk, […]

Rainy day baked pumpkin & speculoos doughnuts

I am stuck indoors at the moment, dodging the rain and high winds, and decided the warmest place in house had to be the kitchen. I have been looking at pumpkin everything on pinterest lately and decided a nice cakey doughnut was what I fancied. I also have fancied a recipe using speculoos. I made […]

Fragrant and spicy chewy ginger cookies

It is officially fall, and the weather has been glorious this week. Sunny and just a slight nip in the air. The leaves are starting to change, and I have replaced my fading summer petunias with pansies that are all the shades of fall. Purples, orange and yellow. When the weather turns, my taste in […]

Chocolate chip cookies for one

Necessity is the mother of invention. There are times when I need cookies, and I need them now. I had one of those moments yesterday and immediately went in search of my go ┬áto cookie recipe. I am trying to eat healthy at the moment, so I thought that a big batch of cookies in […]