About Me

Steph of Steph Loves Cake
Hi there, my name is Stephanie, originally from the DC area, transplanted to England for the last 12 years, now living back in the US in the Denver area. I live with my English hubby and our two rescue cats Curly and Wurly.
Over the last 10 years I have slowly gotten into fitness and clean(er) eating. I started out running and then I “found” skiing and mountain biking. My new-found enthusiasm for fitness is at odds with the sloth side of me that loves cakes, cookies and sitting on the sofa with the cats watching crap tv!
I have always loved food (hence my need for fitness), and that will never change, so I have decided to embrace my love of food and combine it with my need for fitness. My blog will continue to evolve to reflect my journey and my attempt to live the 80/20 life whilst sharing my successes and lesser successes along the way. If you want to chat, either use my contact form or email me: stephanie at stephlovescake.com.
Thanks for stopping by.
x Steph