February 2013 Foodie Penpal Reveal

February Foodie Penpal Reveal This month my foodie penpal was Teresa¬†where she mentioned that she prefers savoury and wanted to try new spices and to try my favorite cuisine. I love Greek food and that was the theme of her parcel. I was also paired with Hannah who doesn’t have a blog to share. We […]

Victoria sponge cake recipe

Wow, I must say that this time I have even impressed myself. I have never really given much thought to making a victoria sponge. I have only ever had it shop bought, and I never really liked it. I watched Mary Berry make her version, and it looked so easy. My husband kept badgering me […]

Gloriously easy, no knead crusty bread recipe

I have attempted to hone my bread baking skills lately, while at the same time attempting to limit an overabundance of carbs in my diet. Yes I am aware that makes no sense, except to say that I am going for quality over quantity. For me, there are no greater comfort foods than good bread, […]

Red velvet crinkle cookies in a hurry

red velvet crinkle cookie

We are having a Valentines Day bake sale at work and I thought I would try a couple of things before the ‘big day’. I have a long commute on the train and then the bus, so I have to make things that travel well and aren’t too fragile. My usual go to dessert is […]