Je t’ame Paris

Poilane bakery

Yes I went to Paris and managed to eat my way through all the good food Paris has to offer. Sadly I did not remember to take photos of everything and in fact enjoyed myself immensely. I do have a good amount of photos to share bore you with. The apartment was quite small, however […]

Totally switched off

Steph MTB berm

Oops, meant to post this BEFORE I left for Paris, but just the same I will post it, and move on to what I did in Paris in the next post! Steph Doing the Berms! I rarely have weekends where I totally switch off, and am totally in the moment. I always have my cell […]

Why you treat me so bad?

I read a great blog post today and it was really uplifting. It made me start thinking about all the things I am grateful for. I have a pretty good life. I have a loving husband, my own home, a great squash patch, 2 lovely kitty cats and a decent job. I have loads of […]

Where did the weekend go?

Nuun tablets

Well the weekend whizzed by in a nano second, after waiting all week patiently for it to arrive. I have been stuck in a rut food wise lately, resorting to the same things. ┬áMost often, my bowl of roasted kale, coconut and chicken. It’s easy, quick and healthy. I have had a massive craving for […]

My harvest

Ok so this summer has been a bit weird even for the UK. We have had a bit of summer at the tail end of July and beginning of August, however it has turned again. I have a load of tomatoes on the turn, and I need sun AND heat! Fingers crossed for an indian […]