Dressing up the cats

Ok, so it’s raining out, non stop, and you can’t get out. What do you do? Dress up whichever cat won’t rip your face off! So I have 2 rescue cats, one that is extremely well adjusted and will let you dress him up and take it in stride, and the other one who although […]

Just saw the ark go by!

Well roughly 2 weeks ago we were told on the news that we were in drought conditions and that there was a hosepipe ban. Well, mother nature stepped in immediately and it has been raining pretty much every day since. So much so that my cats have been on an outdoor protest and only go […]


It’s been such a long week! Work has been hectic and I am feeling run down today. It is that time so not sure if that is the reason I feel run down. I need to find the motivation to get out for a run today. I made the plunge and purchased the TIU Diet […]


Well I am back on track now 🙂 Kicked myself up the backside! After my large breakfast, I had a snack much later of 2 T of red pepper hummus with 4 flax crackers, and then an hour or so later 2 small slices of tiny spelt bread with 1 tsp of almond butter. I […]

Sluggish start today

Went to bed with the best of intentions, woke up to an epic fail. Had a local lady drop off some tester gluten free cupcakes. I had one with frosting and one without for breakfast this morning. Then a bit later I had an Amy’s gluten free bean burrito. And, of course I now feel […]


So I am going through my “mid life crisis” period a bit early. I feel like I am not where I want to be in life. Yes, I have a decent job, and am finally working for a charity rather than a souless property company as I had been for the last 8 years. Yes […]


Morning all, starving today! Had my green monster smoothie first thing, and then by 10 was hungry again, so had my protein pancake. I just love these pancakes! So much so that I am contemplating buying the Tone it up diet plan. Pricey at $150, but apparently that is a one off charge forever. I […]

Interesting late lunch

Well the protein pancake I had at 11 meant that I was full until 3:30! So I have made a late “lunch” to keep me going through spin at 7:30 tonight, and then something light when I get in after class. So the White Beans and Cabbage turned out ok, but still needs something, will […]

Starting the day right

Morning! Right, now after a brief set back with a bowl of ice cream last night, I am going to make up for it today!   I have decided to change things up a bit and add a few ingredients suggested on the Oh She Glows blog, and so the mix today looked like this: […]